About Us

“Adamas” - Ancient Greek root of “Diamond”. Diamonds are only made via a process of extreme heat and pressure. This process, though extremely strenuous, is what produces the qualities of diamonds that we deem so valuable. Such is life. Our personal life experiences serve as our own process of heat and pressure, shaping our character and preparing us for success. We believe that if everyone could learn to use these experiences as a facilitator for greatness rather than as a crutch, the world would be a better place. We believe people should be proud of what they've been through rather than running from difficut times. Take responsibility. Work hard. Embrace the process, and let it mold you for the better. Practice empathy, and help someone else using what you've learned along the way. That’s what our brand stands for.

You'll notice that many designs in the Adamas lineup feature a diamond - a nod to the philosophy under which the company was created. Our logo is featured on many of our pieces (you can also see it at the top left corner of every page on this website), and was meticulously designed to represent everything we believe in. On the left, the lines create an arrow pointing inwards toward the diamond. This represents the focused concentration of effort required by this "process." This points toward the diamond which acts as the center piece of the design, the meaning and significance of which is explained above. The lines on the right side of the diamond open and expand out, symbolizing the spread or sharing of things you learned throughout that process in order to help positively influence others. The crown prominently placed at the very top of our logo represents the Crown of Life referenced in the Bible, awarded to "those who persevere under trials."


Adamas Apparel seeks to be an inspirational apparel brand that people can be proud to wear. We want to change culture. We believe "inspiration" is deeper than printing a quote on a tank top - we want our clothes to tell a story, and remind those who wear it of their own strength. Because really, it's your story that we're trying to tell... And we want you to look good while we tell it. 


We all have a story. Wear it on your sleeve.